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AFSV and ASFS conference CFP

AFSV and ASFS conference


The 2007 joint annual meetings of the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society (AFHVS) and the Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS) bring together on May 30-June 3 in Victoria, British Columbia, two multidisciplinary professional and scholarly societies for the purpose of discussing contemporary research and issues about food and agriculture.

The theme for the 2007 conference is *Changing Ecologies of Food and Agriculture: Building on 20 Years of Scholarship.*

*Papers, panels, and events are sought on any topic related to agriculture, food, and society, including but not limited to the following:

- 20 years of changing understanding of agro-food systems
- agriculture in the middle
- foodways & cultural contexts of food, food preparation, and eating;
- the origins & social implications of agricultural & food technologies & practices;
- global, regional, & local food systems as they relate to urban/rural development;
- agro-food systems as contexts of food production, distribution, and consumption;
- research practices & issues in agriculture, food, fiber, and nutrition;
- politics & policies pertaining to agriculture, food, fiber, and nutrition
- the genesis & roles of scientific & indigenous knowledges in food systems;
- socio-technical issues & controversies in agriculture & food (e.g., industrialization of livestock production, GMOs/biotechnology, organic food standards);
- food issues ( e.g., access, security, safety, equity, & ethics);
- food- & agriculture-related activism & social movements;
- nutrition education & community nutrition;
- food & the media;
- ethical, epistemological, & other philosophical analyses relating to any of the above;
- pedagogical issues & strategies relating to any of the above.

*Procedures for Submitting Abstracts for Papers, Panels, or Events*

January 31, 2007

Papers, panels, or events may be proposed.

Abstracts only. Electronic submission preferred.
All proposals must include, in this order:
(1) type of submission (e.g .,one
paper, an organized panel of multiple presentations, or event);
(2) title;
(3) submitter's name, organizational affiliation, and full mailing address;
(4) submitter's e-mail address;
(5) submitter's telephone number,
(6) names and organizational affiliations of co-authors or co-organizers; and
(7) abstract of 250 or fewer words that describes the proposed paper, panel, or event;
(8) a list of up to six keywords to assist in coordinating papers and presentations. Proposals of panels should also include the name and affiliation of the presider (moderator) and a tentative roster of the panel members in addition to the 250 word abstract.

Submit proposals to Dr. Keith Douglass Warner ( Submit as MSWord file attachment if possible; however, submissions can be sent in the body of an e-mail message (no embedded codes please). Please place "Victoria" in the subject line of the email. Please label the Word document file with the lead author last name, followed by a period, followed by the first word in the title (example: Warner. Agroecology).

All proposals sent by e-mail will be acknowledged within two weeks of receipt. If you do not receive confirmation that we have received your proposal, send another email to Notification of status of
proposals will be sent by February 27. We regret that our review process does not enable us to provide critique, just "accept" or "not accept"status.

For information about AFHVS or ASFS and past meetings and future
announcements, visit their respective websites:

note:CFSC organizer Melissa Salazar is putting together a panel for this forthcoming
AFSV and ASFS conference... contact her for more info.


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