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Chew on This

Call For Papers
2010 National Communication Association Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA

Scholars Seminar: SEM05: Chew on This: Food Studies in Communication
9am-5pm, Saturday, November 13, 2010

Facilitators: Leda Cooks, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Kathleen LeBesco, Marymount Manhattan College; Laura Lindenfeld, University of Maine; Peter Naccarato, Marymount Manhattan College
What and how food communicates and the consequences of our communication about and through food have become paramount to understanding what’s at stake for our material and cultural survival. Food connects scholars interested in issues of climate change and food sustainability with those interested in the ways culture and cultural identity are portrayed in the media, with those examining the histories of cuisine as intercultural contact and others who are looking at the cultural capital of some cuisines and bodies and their placement in the food chain. Our goal in organizing this seminar is to bring together these seemingly scattered interests in the communication of food to better understand the ways they are connected. Culture, history, identity, sustainability, intercultural contact, power: food is the bridge that connects us all. We hope that this seminar will be a first step in establishing a stronger presence at NCA for those interested in food studies across the sub-fields of our discipline. Papers accepted for the seminar will be considered for an edited book on the future of food studies in communication.

Requirements: We invite two modes of participation in this Scholars’ Seminar: Presenter or Roundtable Participant. Scholars, educators, practitioners, and students across the discipline (and related fields) are invited to submit via email one of the following: (1) an abstract (400-500 words) or completed version of a paper the applicant would like to prepare and present for the seminar, indicating preferred session (Food and/as Cultural Capital; Food and/as Cultural Contact; Food and Identity; or Food and the Environment); or (2) a brief (200-300 word) statement of interest in the seminar indicating questions, topics, and themes the applicant would like to discuss as part of a general roundtable in one or more of the seminar sessions. Seminar applicants should include a brief biographical sketch. Seminar applications and supporting materials should be submitted via email in MSWord by 1 August 2010 to: Kathleen LeBesco,

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