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Food As Medicine: Cuisine, Curatives & Culture

The non-profit Asian Culinary Forum presents an educational event discussing Food as Medicine...

From humble garlic and ginger to shimmering reishi mushrooms and knobby bitter melon, many Asian ingredients carry powerful healing properties. Our panelists will address the popularity and benefits of healing ingredients, the intersection of food choices with physical and spiritual practice, and ways a new generation can incorporate traditional healing foods into their cooking.

Food As Medicine: Cuisine, Curatives & Culture

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 | 6:30 – 9:00 pm

San Francisco Ferry Building, 2nd Floor

Highlighting experts from the worlds of academia, clinical practice,
restaurants and food industry, the evening's discussion will examine
both traditional and modern approaches to food as medicine.
Panelists, along with audience members, will speak to the rising
popularity of healing ingredients and their healthful benefits;
age-old remedies and adapted recipes; and important influences
throughout history, culture and politics.

Our esteemed panelists are:
*Nancy Chen* (moderator), Professor of Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz
*John Garrone*, Proprietor, Far West Funghi
*Vinita Jacinto*, Chef-Instructor, California Culinary Academy
*Jane Lin*, Proprietor, Mama Tong Soups
*Michelle Warner*, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist

6:30 Registration & Tasting Reception
7:00 Panel Discussion
8:30 Q& A

Tickets are $30, and are available online at Asian Culinary Forum .



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Board Member, Asian Culinary Forum
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Mountain View, CA 94040
Phone: (650) 938-4936

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