Monday, February 06, 2012


CFP: Food, Migration, and Movement

Call for Submissions: Food, Migration, and Movement
Deadline Extended to March 1st.
Food is a common and constant variable among us; everyone must eat.
Vandal is looking for fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays, photographs,
interviews and visual art that engages the theme: food, migration, and
... movement.

We interpret this call as broadly as possible, to include all topics
that deal with food/foodways, and migration or political movement(s).
The movement of food(s) and people(s) has always intimately connected
politics, culture, and identity, marking ‘us’ and ‘them’. Food
migrations are surely among the most globally transformative moments in
recorded history. Christopher Columbus sailed in search of spices, and
sugar was inextricable in the trade triangle that brought so many
enslaved Africans to the “New World.” Sugar, coffee and cocoa remain
among the most traded commodities worldwide. As food often reflects
public policy’s focus, food also becomes the vehicle through which we
voice our politics. These expressions can be witnessed in government
corn subsidies, hunger strikes, the establishment of local community
farms and protests on every continent resulting from rising food prices
within the last year. Our options or lack of options in food ultimately
effect health and culture. To engage food is to engage the most crucial
aspects of all societies.

Please submit to:
*Deadline: March 1, 2012

Vandal is a new literary/art journal for transformative social change
founded in 2009 in College Station, Texas and associated with Texas A&M.
It publishes scholarly and artistic fiction, non-fiction, art and
literature. For more information see: more

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