Monday, April 16, 2012


CFP: Building Communities through Food

Building Communities through Food: From Culinary Impact of Immigrant
Communities to Social Media

DEADLINE will be 22 APRIL 2012

The literature surrounding food from all nations expresses a longing for
cultural identity, and a means to consolidate ones place in one's new home.
This panel looks at how food, and the writing that surrounds it adapts to
this migrating process. Why does food hold such a strong sense of place?
How do migrants experience the "authentic" tastes of their new homes? In
what way to migrants create their own creolised food cultures in their new
homes? Are food cultures created on-line and through other media such as
books and programs strong enough to maintain the differences that make them
unique and socially powerful? This panel promotes the analysis of cultural,
social, and political issues concerning the production, distribution,
representation, and consumption of food from a variety of disciplines and
critical perspectives.

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