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Association for the Study of Food and Society ASFS STUDENT PAPER COMPETITION



The ASFS invites undergraduate and graduate to submit a paper for the William Whit (undergraduate) and Alex McIntosh (graduate) prizes. These awards are intended to recognize students' contributions to the field of food studies. One award will be given for an undergraduate student paper and one award for a graduate student paper. The author of each award-winning paper will receive $400, payment of membership and conference fees and a free banquet ticket for the coming year's annual meeting.

We welcomes submissions on a wide range of issues relating to food, society and culture, and from the diverse disciplinary (and transdisciplinary) fields that ASFS encompasses.

Format Guidelines
All papers must be double-spaced and include references and bibliographic information. Paper should follow APA or MLA guidelines for style and format.Papers can be no longer than 5000 words, excluding references and no0tes. Provide a word count at the end of the paper.

Use a serif font (such as Palatino, Times, Times New Roman, or Century Schoolbook). Do not use a sans serif font (such as Arial, Geneva, or Verdana). Use a 12 point font size. Use only the left justification.

Submission Guidelines and Conditions of Award
Videos and other non-print formats are not eligible for consideration at this time.
Only single-authored papers will be considered.
Papers submitted to ASFS cannot be submitted to AFHVS (and vice versa). ASFS reserves the right to refer papers to AFHVS.
The paper should have been completed within two years prior to submission date. The paper should have been written during a course or research project directed by a faculty member at an academic institution or research institute.

Papers will not be considered without a letter or email from the primary supervising professor, testifying to single-handed authorship and
veracity of information and data.

All entries must include a completed submission cover sheet (see attached).
Papers must be submitted electronically (along with letter of verification and submission sheet) to the address listed below. Papers with incomplete or late paperwork will not be considered. The committee reserves the right to reject a paper on the grounds that it does not fit the criteria specified. The committee also reserves the right to select an outside reader in particular areas of expertise.

Authors are encouraged to simultaneously submit an abstract to the ASFS/AFHVS conference by the conference deadline. Prizewinning papers may be presented at an ASFS/AFHVS conference within two years of award.

Prizewinners may also postpone their registration and banquet ticket use for one year following the award.

Please submit an electronic version of the paper, which does not include personally identifying information, along with the submission cover sheet and electronic letter from the primary supervising professor to:

Ms. Angie Maltby

Angie will keep track of the identifying information, but will ensure that anonymous copies of the paper are sent to the Adjudication Committee.

Deadline for Submission: MARCH 15TH, 2006

For more information, please contact the Adjudication Committee Chair, Dr. Elaine Power, power@post.queensu.ca

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