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CFP: Food & Culture Area of Southwest PCA/ASA

Annual Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference (Southwest/Texas region)*
Albuquerque, NM February 14-17, 2007

Research on food and culture continues to grow and expand, offering new approaches to the question of what the study of the edible can do for our understanding of individuals, communities, and the construction of everyday life. We invite papers that approach food and eating from cultural, theoretical, ethnographic and/or historical angles, in order to expand the growing conversation about practices of eating and cooking in relation to society and culture. We encourage new methods of research as well as the development of the work of well-established food scholars.

Topics of individual papers and panel submissions could include (but are not limited to):

•Regional food and culture of the American Southwest and México
•Food studies methodologies and philosophies, including food voice
•Analyses of foodways based on race, gender and/or class
•Food and globalization (i.e. issues related to transnational migration, borderlands)
•Visual studies of food, such as aesthetics and/or visual methodologies
•Food in popular culture and current events, and/or critiques of modern food fads
•Iconography associated with the edible
•Restaurant culture
•Cultural critiques of food systems and technologies
•Analyses of contemporary theories by such authors as Michael Pollan, Vandana Shiva, Marion Nestle, Sherrie Inness, and Eric Schlosser

For consideration, please send an abstract of your paper or panel (with individual paper titles and authors included) of no more than 750 words to the area co-chairs listed below. Please include with your abstract the following information: past/present university positions, publications or description of research, and contact info. Papers are acceptable in both English and Spanish.

Deadline: Dec. 1, 2006

Send your proposal (electronically or via hard copy) to:

Prof. Lynn Houston
English Department
CSU Chico
400 W. First St.
Chico, CA 95929-0830
Tel. (530) 898-6247

Stacy Jameson
Cultural Studies
UC Davis
Davis, CA 95616

Melissa Salazar
School of Education
UC Davis
Davis, CA 95616

*The Food and Culture Section of the SW/TX PCA/ACA Conference offers scholars a unique opportunity to present their work in a small setting within a much larger conference (the SW/TX is the largest of the PCA and ACA regional conferences). The Food and Culture panels do not overlap and participants are able to actively engage with others in their field by continuing to dialogue throughout the conference and at food-centered social events hosted by the F& C organizers. Attendees and their research are not limited to the Southwest— past attendees have represented a wide variety of regions throughout the continental U.S., Canada, and México.

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