Sunday, October 01, 2006


CSFC: Carole Counihan

Critical Studies in Food and Culture
Carole Counihan
Speaking Food and Making Place in the San Luis Valley of Colorado

November 14 Tuesday
4:10-5:30 pm at 126 Voorhies

Carole Counihan,
Professor of Anthropology (Millersville University, PA)

Counihan discusses her fieldwork, food-centered life history interviews that she has collected since 1996 in the small Mexicano town of Antonito in the southern San Luis Valley of Colorado. By examining Mexicanas’ diverse constructions of foods, landscapes, rivers, and gardens, she explores the relationship between the food voice and place in anthropological method and theory. Through stories about foods and places, traditionally silenced people portray culture, express gender, and enrich the historical record: these life histories contest stereotypes about the Chicanos’ relegation of women to the home and disregard for environmental conservation. They reveal longstanding roots in the land, which can provide cultural legitimacy and economic sustenance, hallmarks of Chicano cultural citizenship.

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