Tuesday, January 29, 2008


UC forms "Studies of Food and the Body" Multi-Campus Research Group


Studies of Food and the Body


The Studies of Food and the Body Multi Campus Research Group, hosted at the Davis Humanities Institute at UC Davis, brings together faculty and graduate-student scholars in the humanities and social sciences from UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and UC Santa Cruz who are exploring the relationship between food, the body and culture. Participants include historians, American Studies scholars, performance artists, cultural geographers, anthropologists, and sociologists. Their individual projects address a variety of questions, cultures, and historical moments. Some of these currently underway include a visual documentary of the role of immigrant labor in the U.S. food economy, an assessment of the importance of gardening in contemporary Russia, an inquiry into whether there is an actual “obesity epidemic” in the U.S., an analysis of Chinese-American cookbook writers, and an exploration of common threads across a century of “nutrition reform movements” in the United States. This collaboration has been created to strengthen the work of individual members through works in progress seminars, to draw attention to the critical mass of food scholars on the three northern California campuses, to provide focused mentoring to graduate students in this area, and to open a dialogue between humanities and science scholars, and the public, on food and body concerns through a culminating interdisciplinary conference to be held in the spring of 2010 at UC Davis.

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