Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Foodsumptions: Fun, Games, and the Politics of What We Eat

Foodsumptions: Fun, Games, and the Politics of What We Eat
Call for Papers Date: 2008-08-30
Date Submitted: 2008-07-03
Announcement ID: 163050
In It Must Have Been Something I Ate, Jeffrey Steingarten notes that writing about food should always be fun. But is it? In millennia of writing, food has been taken as a topic in religious, health, political, professional, and popular texts. This writing can be instructive, educational, entertaining, polemical, antagonistic, technical, or reflective. The current popularity of the Food Network, cooking programs and contests, like The Next Food Network Star, indicate that writing, thinking, and speaking about food currently occupy an important place in the public imagination.

The editors seek scholarly submissions of 8-10,000 words, inclusive of footnotes and bibliographic material, discussing some aspect of food writing. Proposals (500-1000 words) and full papers will be considered. Initial submissions by August 30 are requested, with final papers to be delivered by November 30 (Chicago Style, 14th edition, footnotes). Please include a brief CV.


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