Thursday, March 11, 2010


Researchers for Local Food Movement

WANTED: RESEARCHERS FOR LOCAL FOOD MOVEMENT PROJECT: Hiring opportunity for 2-3 researchers with MA or PhD level training or experience in the social sciences. This NSF-funded research project addresses the Alternative Agri-Food Movements in the US. The project is an ethnographic and social network study of food action networks in four locales in North Carolina. The research associates will conduct ethnographic field research and documentary analysis relevant to the research questions of the project. Research Associates will also liaise with community-based researchers employed on the project. The positions being filled will require residing in one of the respective locales for an anticipated period of 11 months, with prior residence for 2 months in Chapel Hill for orientation, and 7 months post-fieldwork residence in Chapel Hill for data analysis and write-up. Our plan is a collaboratively written book and a series of community and policy forums for dissemination of our findings. We expect dissemination to be amplified by the project's close affiliation with the Center for Integrating Research and Action at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Under appropriate circumstances (e.g., affinity of project), the ethnographic work for this project could overlap with fieldwork required for a research associate's PhD dissertation. Experience in community activism is a plus. The project PIs seek a diverse team. Employment will be for 20 months at $2,000/month plus some funding for health insurance. Research associates are expected to commit to the full 20 month collaborative research and writing effort, with an estimated start date of May 17, 2010, and an end date of January 16, 2012. Interested potential applicants should send a letter indicating their interest, relevant experience and training with a copy of their curriculum vitae, and a list of three references to Don Nonini or Dorothy Holland, Department of Anthropology, CB#3115, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 27599. Send hardcopy, not email. The University of North Carolina is an Equal Opportunity , Affirmative Action employer, and encourages applications from women and minorities. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the positions are filled, with the first review of applications on April 5th.

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