Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Global food innovation conference

UC Davis News:
Global food innovation conference

University of California, Davis
May 12, 2006


Food industry professionals will gather Monday and Tuesday, May 15-16,
at the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena for a conference
focused on global opportunities and challenges in nutrition and food
technology, marketing and distribution.

The conference, "Innovation in a World Without Borders," will feature an
opening address by A.G. Kawamura, California secretary of food and
agriculture, and a keynote presentation by Andrew Hargadon, an associate
professor of the Graduate School of Management and an expert on
innovation in business and technology transfer.

The event is sponsored by UC Davis' California Institute of Food and
Agricultural Research and UC Davis Connect.

The international slate of speakers will address issues such as
innovation clusters, globalization and California agriculture, the new
health emphasis for foods, manufacturing efficiencies for the food
industry and food systems in space.

UC Davis faculty members from campus programs in food science, brewing,
winemaking, agricultural engineering, nutrigenomics, business management
and community development will be among the speakers.

A complete conference program, as well as registration information, is
available online at .

Media contact(s):
* Sharon Shoemaker, California Institute of Food and Agricultural
Research, (530) 752-9843, spshoemaker@ucdavis.edu
* Pat Bailey, UC Davis News Service, (530) 752-9843,

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


NYT: An Interview With Eric Schlosser

An Interview With Eric Schlosser
A Food Crusader's Alarm Is Supersized

Published: May 10, 2006
ERIC SCHLOSSER took a long draw on a Coke and then turned his attention to a plate of shoestring fries. The guy was understandably hungry. His day started across from Katie Couric on the set of the "Today" show, moved on to appearances on CNN and "Teen Kids News" and ended almost 12 hours later with a discussion of food industry malfeasance at a crowded Manhattan bookstore.

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