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New Book: Taking food public : redefining foodways in a changing world

Taking food public : redefining foodways in a changing world / edited by Psyche Williams Forson, Carole Counihan.
Published New York : Routledge, 2012.
Description xiv, 635 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
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Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index.
Contents Taking food public / Psyche Williams-Forson and Carole Counihan -- Food industrialisation and food power: implications for food governance / Tim Lang -- Women and food chains: the gendered politics of food / Patricia Allen and Carolyn Sachs -- Can we sustain sustainable agriculture? Learning from small-scale producer-suppliers in Canada and the UK / Larch Maxey -- Things became scarce: food availability and accessibility in Santiago de Cuba then and now / Hanna Garth -- Capitalism and its discontents: back-to-the-lander and freegan foodways in rural Oregon / Joan Gross -- Cultural geographies in practice. The south central farm: dilemmas in practicing the public / Laura Lawson -- Charlas culinarias: Mexican women speak from their public kitchens / Meredeith E. Abarca -- Inequality in obesigenic environments: fast food density in New York City / Naa Oyo A. Kwate, Chun-Yip Yau, Ji-Meng Loh, and Donya Williams --
Physical disabilities and food access among limited resource households / Caroline B. Webber, Jeffery Sobal, and Jaime S. Dollahite -- Other women cooked for my husband: negotiating gender, food, and identities in an African American/Ghanian household / Pysche Williams-Forson -- Going beyond the normative White "post-racial" Vegan epistemology / A. Breeze Harper -- Purity, soul food, and Sunni Islam: explorations at the intersection of consumption and resistance / Carolyn Rouse and Janet Hoskins -- Cleaning from gluttony: an Australian youth subculture confronts the ethics of waste / Ferne Edwards and David Mercer -- "If they only knew": color blindness and universalism in California alternative food institutions / Julie Guthman -- Feeding desire: food, domesticity, and challenges to hetero-patriarchy / Anita Mannur -- Towards queering food studies: foodways, heteronormativity, and hungry women in Chicana lesbian writing / Julia C. Ehrhardt --
Metrosexuality can stuff it: beef consumption as (heteromasculine) fortification / C. Wesley Buerkle -- "Please pass the chicken tits": rethinking men and cooking at an urban firehouse / Jonathan Deutsch -- The magic metabolisms of competitive eating / Adrienne Rose Johnson -- Vintage breast milk: exploring the discursive limits of feminine fluids / Penny Van Esterik -- Do the hands that feed us hold us back? Implications of assisted eating / G. Denise Lance -- Will tweet for food: microblogging mobile food trucks--online, offline, and in line / Alison Caldwell -- Visualizing 21st-century foodscapes: using photographs and new media in food studies / Melissa L. Salazar --

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